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Airport: Madrid (MAD)


Current local time 09:10:41 Thursday 18.07.2024
Time zone UTC + 01:00
Demand calculation 14:19:29 UTC
Country Spain
Continent Europe
Runway 4,350 m
Airport size Very large airport
Slots (per 5 minutes) 11
Slot Availability 24%
Min. transfer time 01:30h
Nighttime ban no nighttime ban
Noise restrictions Stage II noise restrictions


2024-07-16 19:17 UTC Air Hellas has opened a new station at Madrid.
2024-07-11 07:38 UTC up2SKY moldova has opened a new station at Madrid.
2024-07-09 19:14 UTC Pedigrino Air have shut down their station at Madrid.
2024-07-07 16:16 UTC Aerolineas Canarias and Easyeurope have signed a new interlining agreement.
2024-07-06 04:36 UTC Pedigrino Air has opened a new station at Madrid.
2024-07-03 16:32 UTC Qatarina Airways has opened a new station at Madrid.
2024-06-29 08:22 UTC Easyeurope and Sunjet UK have signed a new interlining agreement.
2024-06-23 09:50 UTC Aero Bulgaria and Easyeurope have signed a new interlining agreement.
2024-06-23 09:32 UTC Aero Bulgaria has opened a new station at Madrid.
2024-06-21 23:18 UTC The alliance unitedwings accepted Easyeurope as a new member.
2024-06-19 12:44 UTC SKY Ukraine Airlines and Easyeurope have signed a new interlining agreement.
2024-06-19 12:44 UTC Greenlandic Airways and Easyeurope have signed a new interlining agreement.
2024-06-17 22:24 UTC SKY Ukraine Airlines has opened a new station at Madrid.
2024-06-14 18:25 UTC Easyeurope Holidays, based at Madrid, has ceased operations. All shares have been returned or liquidated.
2024-06-14 12:25 UTC The enterprise Easyeurope Holidays, a new subsidiary of Easyeurope, has been launched in Madrid.

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Enterprise IL Weekly departures Flight schedule
101 Senegal 49 Departures
Aero Bulgaria 21 Departures
Air Hellas 14 Departures
Air Italia 154 Departures
Air Turkey 125 Departures
Air Turkey Cargo 21 Departures
Airiac Airways 0 Departures
Asianic Airways 0 Departures
Axel Peru Airlines 3 Departures
BRA Trans 19 Departures
BRA Trans Cargo 34 Departures
Britain Airways 182 Departures
Connect Russia Airlines 56 Departures
CRI Regional Trans 0 Departures
CRI Trans 6 Departures
Donbassaviation 7 Departures
Easyeurope 88 Departures
ECU Trans 6 Departures
ELA Airlines 7 Departures
Euro Air Freight 42 Departures
Europe Jet 160 Departures
fg express 28 Departures
Fly Barbados 7 Departures
Fly Dom Rep 14 Departures
Fly Germany 1,382 Departures
Fly Kasachstan 0 Departures
Fly Moldawien 14 Departures
Fly Panama 0 Departures
IIMARA 31 Departures
India Jet Cargo 14 Departures
India Jet Leasing 0 Departures
Iraq Jet 7 Departures
Kenya Jet 7 Departures
Klingler Air Middle East 14 Departures
Kuwaitian Airlines 7 Departures
Kyiv Jet 28 Departures
Las Aerolineas Libertad Argentina 63 Departures
Las Aerolineas Libertad Colombia 49 Departures
Las Aerolineas Libertad Costa Rica 14 Departures
Las Aerolineas Libertad Ecuador 7 Departures
Las Aerolineas Libertad Guatemala 7 Departures
Las Aerolineas Libertad Panama 63 Departures
Las Aerolineas Libertad Paraguay 14 Departures
lena fly 384 Departures
Liberty Caribbean Airways Bahamas 14 Departures
Liberty Caribbean Airways Barbados 0 Departures
Liberty Caribbean Airways DomRep 21 Departures
Liberty Sky Cargo Express 28 Departures
Link China International 14 Departures
Link Henan 1 Departures
Link Pakistan International 7 Departures
Link Sichuan International 0 Departures
MAN AIRWAYS 217 Departures
Nova Fly 1,014 Departures
Nova Neo 7 Departures
Pakistan Jet 7 Departures
Palegreen Airways 1,062 Departures
Palegreen Holiday Airways 14 Departures
Palegreen Xpress 150 Departures
Qatarina Airways 7 Departures
Scandic Air 14 Departures
SEN Trans 28 Departures
Singapore Pacific International 0 Departures
Sky Canada 14 Departures
SKY Ukraine Airlines 7 Departures
Sphinx Wings 52 Departures
Spirit of Georgia 0 Departures
Taiwan Spirit 9 Departures
Tanzania Airways 0 Departures
TGO Trans 7 Departures
travel4you 0 Departures
TTO Trans 21 Departures
Up Air 2 Departures
up2SKY 1,449 Departures
up2SKY arabian 7 Departures
up2SKY cargo 0 Departures
up2SKY celeste 0 Departures
up2SKY connect 21 Departures
up2SKY express 266 Departures
up2SKY holiday 179 Departures
up2SKY metropolis 430 Departures
up2SKY moldova 7 Departures
up2SKY St. Patrick 70 Departures
US Liberty Airways 35 Departures
US Liberty Airways Amber 49 Departures
US Liberty Airways Blue 0 Departures
US Liberty Airways Green 0 Departures
US Liberty Airways International 63 Departures
Wings of China Guangzhou 0 Departures