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AirlineSim Company Naming Rules

At AirlineSim, we strive for an authentic and realistic gaming experience. We ask our players to support us in achieving this goal by choosing appropriate names for their holdings and enterprises within the game.

The naming rules are split into two parts:

  1. Rules: These are strict rules that will be enforced by AirlineSim staff.
  2. Guidelines: These are recommendations that are supposed to help you picking a fitting name but are not strictly enforced.


The usage of the following names is prohibited:

Names of former and existing real-world airlines. This also includes very similar names.

Public Names

Illegal Names

Offensive Names

We reserve the right to change names without explanation or entirely remove businesses due to their choice of name. Usually, our staff will get in touch with you to find an alternative name, though.


AirlineSim wants to create a realistic and friendly gaming environment. Therefore, please note following guidelines and tips for choosing your airline name:

  1. Try to find a name for your airline which could, at least in theory, also be used in reality.
  2. Avoid names of existing brands, especially if they are registered in the transport or tourism sector.
  3. Use correct spelling. We reserve the right to correct misspelled names.
  4. Avoid names which are similar to existing companies of other players in the same game world.
  5. Avoid silly/gibberish names, abbreviations or deterministic composite names (such as GermanInternationalOutOfFrankfurtOnlyToSouthernItalyAirlines).
  6. Consider the language of the home country of your business when choosing a name and avoid the mixing of different languages.

Logo Guidelines

For the upload of logos, additional guidelines apply on top of the general naming rules. Small logos are screened by staff and volunteers and may be rejected for the following reasons:

  1. Frayed or grainy fonts.
  2. Unreadable fonts.
  3. Presence of registered or copyrighted material.
  4. Presence of content which has nothing in common with the airline (except abbreviations).
  5. Domain names in the logo.